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Bruno Baldereschi

Bruno Baldereschi, Executive Vice President of meeting services and incentive travel planning, has more than 31 years of experience. Baldereschi is a seasoned leader who directs a team of professional certified meeting planners. In this role, Baldereschi provides management to planning and execution of its key meeting, event and incentive travel programs activities and to ensure INOVA Meetings & Incentives continues to provide excellent quality service to its clients. Under Baldereschi’s stewardship, INOVA Meetings & Incentives has handled the planning of multiple conferences with complex and varying scopes for a wide range of corporate clients.


Prior to joining INOVA Meetings & Incentives, Baldereschi served as our Coordinator at Americantours International, Inc.  Baldereschi began his career in 1984 with Hotel Canva Riviera au Lac/Luganhotels & Restaurants in Lugano, Switzerland in as a front desk clerk and rose through the hotel industry ranks on to direct their sales and marketing team.


He holds a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management, specializing in Meeting and Event Management from Institute of Tourism in Cagliari, Italy.







Executive Vice President


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