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Ruben Anton

Ruben Anton, Vice President and Shareholder, is a 30 year hospitality industry professional. In his role with INOVA Meetings & Incentives Anton is responsible for ensuring clients can count on excellent and consistent event implementation. Anton focuses on services and top-level solutions; he specializes in logistics, VIP and celebrity interaction, brand awareness through event marketing, and most important -- crisis management. As Executive Vice President he manages a portfolio of corporations doing business globally, and offers expertise on North and South America, Europe, Middle and Far East destinations, hotels, and transportation for European corporate accounts.


Prior to joining INOVA Meetings & Incentives in 1988, Anton was a business travel manager for more than 20 years with extensive experience as both tour operator and tour director with such organizations as American Express, Agentours International, Allied Tours, Far West Travel and Consolidated Tours of North America.







Vice President


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